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Even very small amounts of gluten can be damaging to people with coeliac disease and that is why taking steps to avoid any exposure to gluten is so important. Failure to eliminate all gluten from the diet can lead to continuous problems and lead to complications such as:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Malnutrition
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Cancer

Coeliacs, especially those with recurrent symptoms, must endeavour to eradicate 100% of gluten from their diets if they are to completely avoid the risk of complications. Medication being another potential source of gluten, coeliacs with non-responsive symptoms on regular medications should ensure all their medicines are completely gluten free, including the ones not specifically for control of the coeliac condition.
Traditionally the view of the pharmaceutical industry and belief of the healthcare industry, including MHRA, has been that the small amounts of gluten in medicines has an insignificant effect, but recently there has been considerable anecdotal evidence that for some coeliacs the effect can be significant, indeed in USA coeliacs are strongly urged to source gluten free medicines.
Not all patients with gluten intolerance require medicines to be completely gluten free. Those with a mild intolerance will probably not be severely impacted by the small amounts of gluten that can occur in medicines, these patients are advised to continue with their usual medicines. However patients with significant coeliacs disease, with greater gluten sensitivity and those with non-responsive symptoms should eradicate all gluten in their diets and that is why we are there to assist them.
Gluten Free Specialists team of pharmacists and technicians source Gluten Free (GF) medicinal products from UK licensed suppliers and manufacturers and so we will only use licensed GF medicines or have them specially produced at MHRA licensed specials manufacturing laboratories as gluten free.
N.B. It is not possible to manufacture modified release products, if these are not available Gluten free as a licensed product you will be referred back to your GP to look at alternative therapy.

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