How to Obtain Gluten Free Medicines from GFSP

We can only supply gluten free medicines to NHS patients, where the prescriber is happy the condition is suitably severe, and that total eradication of gluten is required. The prescriber should endorse each medicine that is required as gluten free “GFSP” to indicate these lines should be sourced GF and the prescriber would also need to initial this endorsement.
Once you have your appropriately endorsed prescription it should be sent to GFSP at Hard to Find Medicines by Freepost for processing along with a completed checklist. We will obtain the medication(s) and then send them to back to you by courier and these will need to be signed for upon receipt. Depending on the medication required processing times will vary, however most products are supplied within 4 working days (it may take up to 15 working days due to the possibility of delays in obtaining some specialist medicines. Therefore we advise patients to always keep a four week “reserve” of medication).
With your order you will also receive a pre-paid envelope for subsequent prescriptions and no checklist would be required from then onwards. However the prescriber must always endorse all prescribed medicines "GFSP" to ensure we can supply GF medicines.
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We do not prescribe or recommend any medicinal products via this website, should you have need of medical advice we would advise you to speak to your local pharmacist, or GP. This site is to assist holders of NHS prescriptions to locate medication already prescribed by a GP or hospital consultant. We will advise by phone on medication, or on the availability of any medicine on an NHS prescription you already have.

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