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1. I have an allergy to Polysorbate, many tablets and capsules seem to list this ingredient, can you supply all my regular medicines Polysorbate free?
Yes, we can source or if needed manufacture both tablets and capsules Polysorbate free. Ask your GP to endorse each item on your prescription “AFSP” and we will fulfil your prescription for you.

2. I have 3 items prescribed by my GP, but only one of them contains lactose which causes me problems, do I need to have this on a separate prescription?
No, we will happily supply all your medicines, so long as at least one requires specialist sourcing. (Please ensure you inform us of exactly what you are allergic to, and we will ensure all supplied products are free of the allergen)
3. Is there any charge for this service?
No, NHS patients will not pay any additional costs for this service. It is an NHS service for NHS patients. However, the work in finding suitable products, and some of the medicines we supply do sometimes cost more to the NHS, which is why it should be reserved for those that need Specific Allergen Free medicines. However the additional costs to the NHS represent good value when compared to the cost of visiting consultants or hospitalisation with recurrent symptoms.- Not to mention the suffering and inconvenience to the patient.
4. My GP endorsed my medicines AFSP on my last prescription, but has omitted to do so this time, but as you know I have it AF, can you not do it anyway?
No, unfortunately not, the NHS specify that special sourcing from AFSP is only available if the prescription is endorsed AFSP and initialled by the prescriber.

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We do not prescribe or recommend any medicinal products via this website, should you have need of medical advice we would advise you to speak to your local pharmacist, or GP. This site is to assist holders of NHS prescriptions to locate medication already prescribed by a GP or hospital consultant. We will advise by phone on medication, or on the availability of any medicine on an NHS prescription you already have.

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